Spanish Locks

At A1 Locksmiths we believe that it is important to fit a good quality lock to your door so we only fit leading makes of locks like Tesa, Ezcurra, CISA and DOM beware not all locksmiths share this philosophy


Recently there has been much mention in the Spanish and English press re lock bumping. This in our opinion is people being scared. WHY lock bumping is a very difficult skill to learn, you make quite a lot of noise and it can take 20 to 30 mins to open a door. The type of people that are being accussed of these crimes are opportunist criminals and in our opinion would not have the skill or time to carry out these crimes.

In our opinion and it is our opinion this is a scam created to con the insurance companies by people who have not secured their property correctly and the press have picked up on it.

So if you lock your property correctly ie double lock the door you should be ok.