Fuengirola Locksmith Services

A1 Locksmith Services Fuengirola provide a 24/7 emergency locksmith service to Fuengirola and surrounding area. So if you find yourself in the situation that you are locked out of your home A1 Locksmith Services will be available 24/7 to get you back in without causing any damage to your property.

At A1 Locksmith Services we understand how locks work and therefore their level of security as a result of this we can provide excellent home security products to secure your home. Lock upgrades and extra locks on patio doors and windows can be fitted in Fuengirola

Lock changes in Fuengirola are carried out regularly and A1 Locksmith Services provides a professional fitting service from our fully stocked/ equipped vans.

So if you are looking for a honest, genuine, reasonably priced locksmith in Fuengirola  please consider A1 Locksmith Services call Paul on (0034) 657466803 or visit our website www.a1locksmiths.es for more details A1 Locksmith Services serving the Costa del Sol since 2004

Calahonda Locksmith Services

A1 Locksmith Service Calahonda have been successfully operating in Calahonda since 2004 delivering locksmith services to communities. We provide 24/7 emergency lock opening for people in Calahonda and surrounding areas who have been unfortunate to lock themselves out of their homes. This is a common problem in Calahonda and A1 Locksmith Services understand this is not a nice position to be in so we offer a 24/7 emergency service to get you back into your home without causing any damage to your property. A1 Locksmith Services also provides the communities and businesses of Calahonda and surrounding areas with 24/7 and general locksmith services.

A1 Locksmith Services also offers Calahonda with a car opening service should you lock yourself out of your car.

At A1 Locksmith Services we understand how locks work and therefore their level of security as a result of this we can provide excellent home security products to secure your home. Lock upgrades and extra locks on patio doors and windows can be fitted in Calahonda.

Lock changes in Calahonda are carried out regularly and A1 Locksmith Services provides a professional fitting service from our fully stocked/ equipped vans.

So if you are looking for a honest, genuine, reasonably priced locksmith in Calahonda please consider A1 Locksmith Services call Paul on (0034) 657466803 or visit our website www.a1locksmiths.es for more details.


Safe Opening

Safe Locksmith Services

What do I do if I’ve lost my keys or forgotten my combination?

In the unfortunate event that you have lost the keys to your safe, or you have forgotten the combination to the safe, make sure that you call a safe locksmith to help you get back into your safe. It is important that you do not try to unlock the safe yourself with any methods of forceful entry. Make sure that you get in contact with a safe locksmith. Then sit tight while they work to get your safe back in working order for you.

Should I attempt to break into my safe by myself?

Unless you are a professionally trained safe locksmith, we advise that you do not attempt to break into your safe. If you attempt to try and break into your safe on your own, you run the risk of damaging it and damaging the contents. We understand just how anointed you can feel when you are locked out of your safe. However, instead of breaking into your safe, reach out to a safe locksmith and they will be there in no time to help get you back into your safe.

How long does it take to unlock a safe?

The time it takes to unlock a safe varies based on the type of safe and the experience of the safe locksmith. Every safe varies by design and it is becoming a popular practice for many safes to have additional safety features. These features are put in place to make valuables more secure. Due to these factors, a safe lockout can last anywhere from a few minutes to an hour. The safe locksmith will let you know how long they expect the process to last. We implore you to be patient with them while they work to get you back into your safe.

Will my safe be damaged in the process?

In most cases, no. The safe locksmith is trained to use an entry method that will not compromise the integrity of your safe. However, all safes are made differently, and some have features that others do not make use of, so it is very hard to give a general answer to this question. Rest assured that the first method our safe locksmith will employ will not cause any damage to your safe. Some of the other methods employed to unlock a safe might cause some forms of minor cosmetic damage, but these are only used if there is no success using the first few methods.

Will the contents of my safe be damaged in the process?

The contents of your safe should not be damaged under any circumstance while our safe locksmith is working to unlock the safe. However, there are some instances where the safe locksmith might have to cut into the safe or use other robust methods to attempt to gain entry. Ideally, none of these entry methods should cause any damage to the contents of your safe, but there is a possibility that it could happen. This depends on the nature of your safe (size etc.), so we want to make sure that you are well aware of every possible outcome.


Safes have become extremely popular over the past few years. In the recent past, most safes were used almost exclusively by major corporations. Now, they have been scaled down considerably and are accessible to many homeowners. Safes give people an added security boost and they are greatly appreciated by many. As with any security device, there is always the risk that the owner might get locked out of their device. This sounds absurd and even funny to many owners. That is until it happens to them. Not to worry, though, because this is for this exact reason that the safe locksmith at United Locksmith exists. Homeowners that have gone through a safe lockout understand just how scary it can be when faced with the possibility that you might not be able to get back into your safe, or that the precious contents of your safe might be damaged in an attempt to get them out. Do not fear, because our safe locksmith will help rectify your problem as quickly as possible.

There are two main types of safes that are commonly used by homeowners. These are the combination lock safe and the electronic lock safe. Our safe locksmith has been well trained to gain access to both types of safes.

Safes that make use of the combination lock system work by using wheel packs. Wheel packs work together to grant entry to the safe. In its most basic form, the wheel pack works in conjunction with the combination dial, spindle, wheels and a drive cam.

The numbers on the dial of a combination lock usually point to the number of wheels that are housed in the wheel pack. The combination dial of the safe is connected to a spindle that turns the drive cam. Within the lock, the drive cam is connected to a driver pin and this pin is meant to connect with the wheel fly. The rotation of the dial moves the driver pin and allows it to hit a notch on the wheel fly that begins to set the lock in motion. The lock is moved by the process of “picking up the wheels”. This refers to the way the turn of dial allows each wheel to be picked up. This motion occurs because the wheels have wheel flys on each side. The notches on each of these wheels let them pick each other up and spin in the right motion. This motion can only be activated once the dial is turned in the right direction.

Once the proper combination has been used, and all the wheels are properly aligned, they give way to a gap that allows the fence (the fence is in place to prevent the bolts from moving to open the safe) to fall through. This allows the bolts to be moved to give access to the safe.

Electronic lock safes employ similar methods (in terms of using bolts) and give the homeowner access to the safe once the proper code is entered. These types of safes work on the simple principle of giving the bolts the freedom to retract once the right code has been entered. Once the right code has been entered, an electronic signal is sent from the keypad to the bolts within the lock.

Bypassing Safe Locks

It has become a much-coveted skill to know how to unlock a safe, and this is due in part to the fact that so many homeowners are now making use of safes to secure their belongings. It is also a much-coveted skill because it’s cool. Safe locksmiths are cool people. There are several different methods that a safe locksmith can use to help get you back into your safe, and we’ll run through all of them so that you have an idea of what will happen to your safe and to the contents of your safe once you contact a safe locksmith to help you with the situation.

Manipulating The Safe

The process of manipulating a lock might take longer than any other method that can be used to bypass the security of a safe, but it is the go-to method for many a safe locksmith. Safe locksmiths prefer to use this method to unlock safes because it negates the possibility of your safe (and its contents) being damaged. Manipulating a safe relies on the safe locksmith listening to the safe as they attempt to manipulate it into opening. Safe locksmiths are known to make use of stethoscopes and other sound amplification devices to help them move the dial along with its corresponding wheels into proper alignment. They listen intently and attempt to catch the sound that is made once the driver pin hits the notch on the wheel fly. This signifies that the unlocking process is on the right track. This is the preferred method of many safe locksmiths because it does not damage your safe but it manipulates it into opening. It takes time, patience, and want, so our safe locksmith will make sure that homeowners are aware of this.

Drilling The Safe

Drilling is another common method that a safe locksmith can employ to open a safe. This method is a lot faster than manipulating the safe but it does cause some minor cosmetic damage. A small hole is drilled into the lock and an instrument is inserted into the drilled hole to help the safe locksmith see how to open the safe. This practice has become much harder in recent times due to the added security measures that many safes now have. These measures make it harder to bypass the lock. If homeowners know of any of these added security features, it is imperative that they let the safe locksmith know beforehand. If there are stringent additional security methods in place, then the safe locksmith will probably not opt to drill the safe.

Scoping The Safe

Scoping a safe is very similar to drilling, the only difference between these two access methods is the inclusion of a borescope. A borescope is an instrument that is used to inspect the internal makeup of a structure by inserting it into a small hole. This option is most commonly used in place of drilling once the safe locksmith is made aware of the fact that there may be additional security measures in place. This method allows them to scope out the security measures and work to bypass them so that they are not triggered because this could potentially damage the safe or damage the contents of the safe.

Cutting and Prying The Safe

These methods are only employed by our safe locksmith as a last resort. There is no point in using any of these methods unless the ones described above have no success at all in opening the lock. The reason behind this is the fact that these methods damage the safe beyond repair (in most cases) and it is not advised that they are used as the first option to open a safe. Our safe locksmith is well versed in using the above methods to help you gain entry to your safe. If you happen to hire another locksmith that bypasses everything discussed above and goes straight to attempting to cut and pry open the safe, make sure that you stop them right away.

Cutting a safe open is a self-explanatory term. It involves forcibly cutting the bolts that keep the safe shut, and this can be done with a high-power saw or with a torch. The safe locksmith will begin to cut into the safe, and attempt to gain access to your belongings. This method is a speedy one but its downsides outweigh the benefits.

The same goes for prying the safe open. To pry a safe open the safe locksmith will attempt to pry the door of the safe and its bolts right out of the safe. This method involves a lot of time and energy to be expended while still damaging the lock, which is why it is a last resort method that is used in the event that the above solutions don’t work.

Help Your Safe Locksmith Out

The art to unlocking safes is not an easy one to master, and our safe locksmiths have dedicated time and patience to make sure they get it right so that they can properly serve you in your time of need. However, it is important that homeowners provide the safe locksmith with some important information beforehand so that they can properly work to meeting your needs in the best possible time and in the best possible way. Here are some things you should make sure to tell your safe locksmith before they begin work:

  • Give the locksmith an idea of what might be in the safe, this will help guide them when they are attempting to open the safe.
  • Make sure to notify the safe locksmith of the brand, style, and model of the safe because this will make the process of opening the safe much more expedient.
  • If there are any additional security measures in place make sure that you let the safe locksmith know before they start work on the safe.


Broken Key

Will I need to replace my lock if I broke my key in the lock?

In most cases, you will not have to replace the lock on your door if the key got broken within it. A1 Locksmith Services will follow the procedures for a broken key extraction and will be able to get the broken part of the key out of your lock in no time. Our locksmiths are trained to handle situations like this, and they have done so a countless number of times so make sure that if you happen to be in need of a broken key extraction you call us. If you do not give us a call, and you attempt to extract the key yourself, you run the risk of damaging the internal components of the lock mechanism, and this will most likely mean that you will have to replace your lock if it cannot be repaired.

How long does a broken key extraction take?

When a professional locksmith is in charge of the extraction process it should take no longer than 30 minutes. An experienced locksmith has been trained to handle situations like this and they have most likely carried out this task several times before. Our locksmith will work expediently to make sure that the broken key extraction is done quickly and smoothly

Will I have to rekey my locks?

No, you will not have to rekey your locks if you break part of your key off in the lock unless you desire to do so. If the broken key extraction process is handled by a professional locksmith, then the integrity of your lock will not be compromised.

Can I open my door by connecting the two broken pieces of my key?

No! It is of the utmost importance that once you realize your key is broken off within your lock that you do not continue to attempt to unlock it. This could result in you pushing the broken key piece further into the lock mechanism, and this makes it much harder to take out. Once you have come to the conclusion that your key is broken off in your lock, you should focus on calling a professional locksmith who knows how to get the job done. Do not insert foreign objects into the lock in an attempt to try and get the pieces out. This might cause further damage to a situation that can be rectified with a simple solution.

Broken Keys

Having to start your day off with a broken key is one of the most infuriating and unfortunate incidents that any homeowner can go through. As unlikely as it may seem that your key will break off within your lock, it is a more common occurrence than homeowners would like to think. The exact moment when you realize that your door is not opened but instead you are holding one-half of your precious key can be hard to take in. As professional locksmiths, we understand this first hand because we have been through this experience many times, and we have also helped many homeowners through this same ordeal.

It is our job to make sure that we help you out of this predicament, and it is also our job to make sure that you receive the proper information that will prevent this from happening again. What makes a key break in a lock? Most people would attribute this to the use of extreme force by the homeowner, but not all keys are broken because their owners apply pressure. Over time, every key eventually starts to wear out. However, depending on the type of key you possess, your key might be more susceptible to damage than others.

If your key has several deep cuts along its body, then it is more susceptible to damage than keys that do not possess as many deep cuts. These cuts and grooves are weak points along the key. Over time, and with extensive use, these cuts will either crack or break, causing your key to be damaged.

In other cases, the material of the key plays a big role in how resistant it is to damage and how long it will hold up over time. This is normally the case with temporary keys, which are made of materials like aluminum. These keys are much easier to damage along the grooves than permanent keys. Sometimes, the key might be made of a really sturdy material, but due to the amount of pressure that these keys are put through on a daily basis, they begin to suffer cosmetic damage and their physical strengths decrease.

There are several different things that could lead to your key breaking off within your lock, sometimes it might be because of some internal wear and damage within the lock mechanism itself. No matter what the reason is for your key being broken off in the lock, it is important that you contact a locksmith to handle the broken key extraction before any further damage is caused to your lock.

The Importance of Broken Key Extraction

It is important to extract a broken key from your door (as soon as possible) for several reasons. First and foremost, is the fact that having a broken key within your lock can potentially damage the internal components of the lock, especially if you attempt to extract it without the proper tools handy. If you happen to damage the lock, then you will have to pay more money to either have it repaired or replaced and this is something that no homeowner wants to do.

Also, if you happen to break the key off within the lock while the door is still opened, then you will very likely be unable to lock the door to your home on your way out. This drastically decreases your home security until you are able to rectify these situations. There are some homeowners who will be willing to risk leaving their doors ajar because they feel as if they have other security measures in place. However, it is better to always be safe and make sure that your home security is working efficiently. Sometimes this involves calling a locksmith to take care of a broken key extraction.

Broken Key Extraction Process

As previously stated, a few times already, it is important that you let a qualified professional handle the key extraction process because there is a chance that you might cause more damage to the lock if you do not handle it properly.

In the event that your key breaks off and there is a part of it that is hanging outside of the lock, then you might be in luck. When a key breaks off in a lock, it might either be hanging out partially or it might be broken off completely in the lock. If it happens to be hanging out of the lock, then homeowners might even be able to grab the piece out by pinching it with their fingers. If there is only a sliver of the key hanging out of the lock, then homeowners should not use their fingers to attempt to remove it because they might end up pushing it further into the lock. They should instead make use of needle nose pliers to try and extract the broken piece of the lock. Please note that these options will only work if the key is protruding from the lock. If you do not have needle nose pliers on hand, then leave the door as is and call a professional locksmith to help you out.

In the case that the key is broken off in the middle of the lock, or there is no part of it that is protruding, then a professional locksmith will help you take care of the problem. The first thing that needs to be done before a locksmith begins the broken key extraction process is lubricating the lock. This is important because, in most cases, either the lock or the key itself have suffered a lot of wear, tear, and external damage, so it is best to make sure that they are well lubricated. Our professional locksmith can make use of professional lock lubricant or other similar products to lubricate the lock before they being the broken key extraction.

The locksmith will be making use of a broken key extraction tool, which they will insert into the keyway of the lock in a manner that allows the teeth of the broken key extraction tool to come into contact with the cuts along the key that is stuck inside. The locksmith will have an idea of just how far they are going to insert the extraction tool based on looking at the way the key was broken. A professional locksmith should be able to estimate how much of the key is stuck in the keyway of the lock. Once the teeth of the broken key extraction tool are caught on the bitting of the key stuck inside, the locksmith will begin to gently pull the key piece in their direction in order to remove it. This method obviously sounds easier than it actually is, so be patient with our locksmith if it takes a little bit of time. It is more important to do it right than to do it fast because this will prevent the lock from suffering any additional damage.

Once the piece has been extracted from the lock, our locksmith can help make you a new key from the broken pieces. Make sure that you make more than one copy because spare keys always come in handy for many homeowners.

How To Prevent Keys From Breaking In The Lock

Many homeowners tend to find themselves in easily preventable situations. This is mostly because they neglect the importance of preventative measures when it comes to some aspects of their homes. The same can be said when it comes to broken key extraction. There are several measures that homeowners can employ to mitigate the possibility of this happening. But many of them do not take advantage of this, and this causes them problems in the long run.

One of the best ways to help prevent a key from breaking off in a lock is to make sure that the lock is regularly lubricated. When a lock is not properly lubricated, or if it is never lubricated at all will not move as smoothly as a lock that is lubricated. The internal parts will grind together, and this friction will cause the lock to damage and deteriorate at a faster pace than usual. It is important that the locks in your home be lubricated at least once every 5 months. This will help them work more fluidly, and it will decrease the possibility of your key breaking off in your lock.

Another way that homeowners can reduce the possibility of their keys breaking in their locks is to make sure that they have several spare keys on hand. Before you get confused, you will not be using the spare key to gain access to your home while there is still a broken key within the lock. That will not work. Having replacement keys on hand will prevent the key that you normally use from suffering excessive wear and tear. If you see any visible damage on your key (cracks etc.), then make sure that you stop using it and switch to using a replacement key. This is not a foolproof method to stop keys from breaking in locks, but it is a really good preventative measure.

Also, it is important that homeowners do not force their keys to turn if they feel it offering even the slightest resistance. A homeowner that uses their keys and their locks day in and day out will know just how the lock feels if there is something wrong with it. It is essential that they pick up on these small cues so that they prevent any long-lasting damage or any inconveniences from springing up. Many locks are damaged because homeowners continue to force the key to turn in the face of resistance. In most of these cases, not only is the key damaged and broken off within the lock, but the lock itself is damaged. This will put homeowners in the precarious situation of paying for both a broken key extraction and a lock repair or replacement.


Need a 24/7 Locksmith

Why offer 24/7 hour locksmith service?

The 24/7 locksmith service allows A1 Locksmith Services to always be there for its customers. In the event of an emergency, you cannot wait until the morning. If you are locked out of your home, office, bar or shop your day does not stop because of the inconvenience. If your property is burglarized then you need new locks immediately. 24/7 coverage is the only way that we can offer assistance whenever people need it.

Why do I need a 24/7 locksmith?

If you have an emergency that requires a locksmith, outside of normal business hours, you will need a 24/7 locksmith. If you do not have an emergency, you may still require the services of a 24/7 locksmith. Non-emergency calls can be scheduled ahead of time. When the hours you keep make it more convenient for a night time appointment, a 24/7 locksmith is the best choice.

Does a 24/7 locksmith cost more?

The honest answer is that certain times of day are more likely to cost more. Very early in the morning and very late at night are the times that locksmiths will charge the most. For the locksmith, this is one of the incentives to run a 24/7 locksmith service. Anything in that grey area where you would need to think about whether is it late or early are the premium hours. Ask us for our rates when you call before the work is started, and do not agree unless you are satisfied with our charges.

Is every locksmith open 24/7 a day?

No. Being an emergency locksmith has a lot of perks, but it is not sustainable for everyone. If the locksmith has a family or young children, they might not be able to go out at all hours of the night. Some areas cannot support a 24 hour locksmith. There might not be enough people in the town. A quiet city might not have enough activity after certain hours. The locksmith must also be able to serve a large enough area. Any limits on transportation, or the need to drive extremely long distances, will severely limit the profit for a locksmith that wants to be open 24 hours a day. At A1 Locksmith Services we have a genuine 24/7 emergency locksmith on standby to help you in your hour of need 365 days a year.

Do 24/7 locksmiths turn down work?

Usually, no. Being a 24/7 locksmith means that you are committed to helping the public in times of emergency. The business model of the company, or individual, might also make it hard to turn down any work. Some exceptions include when the locksmith suspects that the job is a prank or an attempted break in or re entry of a property by an evicted tenant. Similarly, if the locksmith suspects that the job may be a setup, they may turn it down. When the locksmith is currently at another job, or is too busy, they may also be forced to turn down work. If you are using a company like A1 Locksmith Services, all of this drama would happen behind the scenes, so the only news you get is that your locksmith is on their way.

What type of work does a 24/7 hour locksmith do?

A twenty-four-hour locksmith normally can do all the same duties of a normal locksmith. The difference is only in the hours they keep and work one main problem for a locksmith is noise laws that have to be observed or the materials required are not held on the vehicle. Because of those hours, some tasks may not be possible although at A1 Locksmith Services we have invested in a fully stocked vehicle. Daytime hours are standard fare because that is when most locksmiths and suplliers are open. The night time and early morning hours are what a 24/7locksmith capitalizes on. Mainly these are lockouts. Lockouts are  when someone has forgotten or lost keys for a home, office, bar or shop and requires immediate access to their property. This may also include extracting a broken key etc. Other night time emergencies might come from police requesting help to enter a building. A home that has been burglarized may also need new locks fitting immediately. Consultations and security assessments rarely happen in the night time hours.


Commercial Locksmith Services

Commercial Locksmith Services

List of Commercial Locksmith Services

  • Commercial Building lockouts
  • Installing new locks on doors.
  • Repairing or repairing old locks.
  •  Chaning mailbox lock.
  • Opening safes.
  • Opening filing cabinets.
  • Replacing padlocks.


How long does it take for a locksmith to get to the business?

It will take approximately 30 to 60 minutes depending on your office’s proximity to our available locksmith. At A1 Locksmiths our locksmiths is mobile which mean they are on the road 95% of the time.

Do I need to know what type of locks the business has?

A1 Locksmith Services locksmiths are trained professionals that can assess the locks and inform you of the services that you may need. You don’t need to have any prior knowledge on the lock products but sometime the locksmith may ask you for some information to identify the problem in advance.

How long does it take a locksmith to open a door?

Once our locksmith has arrived they will assess your situation and inform you of the services you need.  A traditional office lockout will take approximately 25 to 30 minutes depending on the lock and method being used.

Will the office’s lock be damaged?

In the most of cases, the lock might need to be drilled, after which the lock will need to be replaced.  Replacement is also no issue and is a service that your office locksmith can provide for you.

Will opening the company’s safe damage the property inside?

No!  A1 Locksmiths takes every precaution to make sure that your safe’s valuables remain unharmed during the process of opening the safe. If there are fragile items in the safe, it may be a good idea to let the Locksmith know beforehand just in case.

Will opening the company’s safe damage the safe?

The safe will almost assuredly need to be replaced after opening because it will have been compromised and will no longer be able to securely house your property. Unfortunately, there is a 90% chance the safe will be damaged.

Business & Office Lockouts

When you are locked out of your office there is no reason to break a window or cancel a day’s work.  The best option is to contact an experienced commercial locksmith and solve the problem with ease and efficiency.  There is no reason to weaken the security of your business unnecessarily.  It doesn’t matter if your business is in an industrial building or an office. A1 Locksmith uses several different methods to make sure we take the path of least resistance and be certain your office is unharmed in the process.

New Lock Installation

In some cases locks do fail or break, and it is important to replace them quickly and correctly in order to protect your office.  The first thing that the locksmith will do to install a new lock is remove the current lock.

Mailbox or Cabinet Change

Everyday locks, such as those found on office mailboxes and cabinets, get a lot of use.  The more use a lock gets, the more important it is to have that lock functioning properly.  Changing the locks on a mailbox or cabinet is similar to changing the lock on a door..

Safe Lockouts

Protecting your business’ valuables is a great idea, but sometimes those same protections can prevent you from accessing the property.  In the case of safe lockouts the fear is often that the owner will never be able to get their valuables back, or that the contents might be harmed by the methods of opening the safe.  At A1With United, the safety and protection of this property is of the utmost importance, and the servicing locksmith will take every precaution to assure that standard of quality.

New Tenant Lock Change

Your are a landlord and renting out your property here in Spain. Should you change the locks?

Every country has different laws regarding tenancy agreements so it is always advisable to seek the advice of a lawyer in Spain to fully inform you of what your obligations are and what the pit falls of renting in Spain are because as a landlord your are not protected the same way as you may be in your own country.


At A1 Locksmiths we recommend that at the beginning of any new tenancy you change the locks which will give you the security that your new tenant will not receive any visits from someone who may still have the key from an old tenancy and in turn you as the landlord will not have to deal with any kind of situation when the new tenant has any processions mysteriously disappearing. Key copy crime is quite a regular problem here on the Costa del Sol so make sure you or your new tenant are not victims at A1 Locksmiths we are able to offer you various lock change options with all types of key options.

Lost Handbag

Stolen Handbag and what to do

Imagine the sense of panic when you have your handbag stolen. If you’re like most, half of your life is in your handbag. Credit cards, debit cards, ID, insurance cards, money, house keys, car keys you name it’s in there. And if it falls into the wrong hands, it could be devastating. The least that can happen is you lose a little money. But you could be the victim of identity theft and fraud that could have repercussions for years.

So what do you do should the worst happen? Here is a checklist for you to follow.


  1. Call the Issuers of Your Credit, Debit, and ATM Cards

Now, many people will tell you to cancel your cards immediately, but that’s not actually what you want to do. Cancelling the cards puts wheels in motion that could leave you in a mess, especially with your credit score. What you actually want to do is report the cards as lost or stolen. This is very different than cancelling, and every card issuer has a procedure that will suspend those numbers to keep your money safe.

If your cards are issued by a bank or credit union, call them as well. If cheques (including travellers cheques) were in your wallet, they can handle that accordingly.

Finally, if any of those cards were used for automatic debits, you need to inform those companies within a day or two. If you don’t, your account will not be paid, as the card will be rejected. You could go past due and owe fees, or even have your service suspended. If it’s a debt that doesn’t get paid, your APR could shoot up, or you could get a black mark on your credit score.

  1. Report the Loss or Theft to the Local Authorities

Don’t trivialize your loss as something that the police don’t have time to deal with (but also don’t think they’ll be jumping on the case; there won’t be a crime squad trying to track down your handbag). The reason for this step is to provide evidence in your favour should you become a victim of identity theft or fraud and to give you a crime report number for any insurance claim. If it happens, you don’t want to be explaining why you didn’t report the loss. Some information the police may ask you includes:

  • Where and when you believe you lost your handbag
  • What was actually in the handbag (amount of money, credit cards etc.)
  • A description of the handbag itself
  • If stolen, any suspects or a description of anyone suspicious

When you’ve finished filing the report, keep a copy for your records.

  1. If Keys Are Missing, Change the Locks

If your handbag contained your house keys, you don’t want to risk a break in especially if you had papers in the handbag identifying your address. Even if the handbag is returned intact, someone could very easily have copied the keys. In fact, it’s a known way to rob a house —”lift” the handbag, jot down the address from the driver’s license or any other papers, copy the key, then hand it all in to the police.

So if you know for certain that house keys went missing with the handbag, change the locks. Paul from A1 Locksmiths can help you with this as he is a reputable locksmith.

If the car keys went missing, that’s not as easy to replace. But your car may also be at risk of being stolen, so contact Ray from A1 Locksmiths and he can delete your old car keys from the cars memory and reprogram a new communication code and key.

  1. Try to List Everything Else That Was in the Handbag

Finally once you have done all of the above try and relax and list all the other items in your handbag that may seem insignificant but could come back to haunt you. These include memberships various clubs, store cards, work ID cards and access badges, medical insurance cards, computer passwords, and padlock keys.


Some Steps You Can Take to Prepare Before You Lose Your handbag

Hopefully you’re reading this article to be informed should the worst happen. But there are steps you can take right now to be prepared. If you do lose your handbag, you’ll be in a much better position to protect yourself and get the steps above done more quickly.

Strip Your handbag of Anything You Don’t Really Need

Is there a reason you’re carrying all those credit and debit cards? If you use one 99% of the time, like most people do, then it’s not wise to carry the others for those “just in case” moments. Carry one back up with your main card, and keep the rest at home. The same goes for anything that could help an ID thief, including SSN cards, addresses, phone numbers, passwords, and other personal info.

Scan or Photocopy Everything That’s in Your Handbag

It’s always good housekeeping to have a paper copy and if possible a scanned copy of all important documents like passport, driving licence, credit cards etc. If you have a mobile telephone make sure that you regularly back up your information.

Lost Keys

Being locked out is Spain is a scary thought. Not knowing who to call or who to trust to help you out of a stressful situation. When you lose your keys, it can often mean you have lost your car keys as well! A1locksmiths don’t only replace your house keys or change your door locks, we can also replace your car keys, which the help of specialist equipment.


“I have lost my keys”, “My keys have been stolen in Spain”, “I think I have left my keys at the beach”, “I have lost the keys to my holiday home”, “We have had our bag and keys stolen for the rental apartment”. If you are in this situation, A1locksmiths we can help.


We have helped many customers in this situation, in times of stress, you need a trustworthy, reliable English speaking locksmith whom can help you with both your house keys and possibly your car keys. We use the latest technology and techniques to gain entry to your property with the minimum of fuss.


“I have lost my keys what do I need to do?”


If you have lost your keys, please call us 24 hours a day on 657 466 803. If you are using an English or other non-Spanish mobile, please use the full number, +34 657 466 803. Or if you have Internet access, you can contact us via WhatsApp, Viber or Skype. A1locksmiths are always free to take your call.


We are your 24hr Emergency locksmiths service


Losing your keys in Spain can be especially difficult when you don’t know the language, or who to call and what you need to do. A1locksmiths can help. We are an emergency 24hr locksmith service coving the Costa del Sol. A1locksmiths have been is operation for over 12 years which gives us the experience to help with the stress of losing your house and or car keys.


For insurance purposes, it’s always best once you have lost your keys to file a report at your local police station. Some insurance companies will require this for any claim you make. Should you be the victim of any crime, seek help by calling 091 or report it on 902 102 112.


When it comes to lost keys in Spain, A1locksmiths are your number one choice to help you in your hour of need. Once you loose your keys, we often recommend a complete change of locks, as nobody can be sure if your keys were stolen or simply lost. To give you peace of mind, we offer a full lock change service. This is ideal for second holiday homes or permanent homes on the Costa de Sol.


“I lost my keys and did not realize until I got home at 2am. I called A1 locksmiths and within 30 min they let me into my apartment. As I had lost them, they Paul recommended I changed the locks completely. All done within the hour for a reasonable price and great service.”

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