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Lock Change

Why do I have to replace my lock instead of repairing it?

There is no doubt that repairing a lock would be a good option, but sometimes the only option available to homeowners is changing locks.

How long will it take to replace my lock?

With the help of an experienced locksmith, changing locks should take approximately 20 to 30 minutes. In some cases it might take less time or more time, but this is all dependent on the type of lock you already had in place, and the one that you wish to replace it with. The turnaround time is much faster if you are using the same model of lock since your door is already primed for it to be inserted. However, if you are replacing it with a new lock that requires that some minor modifications be made to your door, then it will take a bit more time.

Will my door be damaged in the process of changing locks?

No, of course not! Ideally, your door should not be damaged in the process of changing locks and replacing it with a new one. Our locksmiths are trained and know exactly how to handle lock changes and replacements. You can rest assured that they will treat your door with the utmost care and will not inflict any damage.

How Do I know its time to replace/change my lock?

If you believe that the lock has suffered any damage, or that it is not functioning the way it should, you should A1 Locksmith Services to have a locksmith assess the lock for you. In the event that they discover something wrong with it then you should be able to replace it. Regularly scheduled maintenance and simply paying attention to your lock are some of the best ways to know that it is currently time to change your lock.

Lock Replacement

It is important to make sure that your door is functioning the way it is intended to. One of the best ways to do this is to make sure that the locks within your door are working properly and that they are providing the absolute best security to you and your family. One of the best ways to ensure that your lock is always performing the way it should, is to simply pay attention to it. Make sure that you have a professional locksmith come and assess it as soon as you think there might be something wrong. This cannot be overstressed. Having a locksmith take a look at your lock when it begins to malfunction is one of the easiest ways for a homeowner to save money. Some homeowners choose to neglect the early warning signs and continue to use their doors with worn out or impaired locks, until they cause some much greater and far more expensive damage.

As a homeowner you should make sure that maintaining your locks and your doors is prioritized on your list. Many people take locks for granted and forget the simple fact that they are the very things that make doors work effectively. Sometimes the locks in your door might start to malfunction and this could lead homeowners to seek either repair or replacement. In most cases, we suggest that you move to repair your locks, unless they are damaged beyond repair or if they are not good at keeping your home secure.

Warning Signs For Changing Locks

There are many factors that contribute to homeowners needing to replace their locks. They need to be attentive for these warning signs that could save their lives and save them lots of money in the long run. If the lock of your door has worn out and locks have rusted, then the security of your home is at risk. Locks that are worn are more susceptible to picking, breaking, and they even begin to show signs of difficulty when you attempt to use the proper key to open them. If your lock is struggling to open with the appropriate key you need to replace or service the lock immediately. This will help you to avoid an inconvenient malfunction that may leave you locked out.

If you have recently been a victim of a break-in or a robbery, then you should definitely look to replace the locks on the doors of your home. This is one of the most blatant warning signs for homeowners. It is indicative of two things, the first being that your locks were not strong enough to stop a burglar if they were able to bypass them without damaging them. Secondly, your locks are now probably damaged if said burglar gained access by forcing your locks open. The necessary force that is required to forcibly open a lock compromises the internal mechanics and, more often than not, it damages the lock. A damaged lock will put you at a higher risk of another robbery, and mechanical failures as a result of the damage can cause a lock malfunction that could leave you locked out in the cold. After a break-in, it is safest to assume that your keys might have fallen into the wrong hands, and replace all door locks at which the old keys might give someone access to your home.

Also, if you happen to be a homeowner that is guilty of constantly losing their keys, then you should look into changing locks on your home.

Steps To Changing Locks

Replacing locks can be a complicated job for those that have never had any experience with it. However, rest assured that A1 Locksmith Services are more than capable to handle these replacements for you. Upon arrival to your home, our locksmith will examine your lock to identify and confirm that the lock needs to be replaced. Once our locksmith has made this determination, the next step will involve examining the old lock to see what brand it is. This is a necessary action that will save our locksmith loads of hassle while they attempt to replace your lock. Some homeowners want exact replacements of their locks, while others want to change the nature of their locks entirely. The locksmith needs to know the brand and make of the previous lock to help make sure that the new lock they are attempting to install fits perfectly into your door and functions the way it is supposed to. This will also give them the chance to make any minor adjustments that need to be made so that your lock and your door work perfectly together.

The next step in the lock replacement process involves the removal of the old lock to make way for the new one. To an experienced locksmith, the act of removing a lock is not hard at all. We can also cut keys onsite with our mobile key cutting service.

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